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Assessment based, addressing specific dysfunction such as decreased range of motion, pain with movement or nerve-related symptoms. (All massages offered fall under this category!)


For releasing long-held patterns of tension in the body, addressing trigger points and restoring function.


Sport specific regions treated with a fusion of Swedish massage, stretching, active release, range of motion and neuromuscular techniques.


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What we do

Here are some of the elements of massage that you can expect from your visit to Full Well.

Often these approaches are woven together throughout your massage depending on your goals and requests, and are always informed by both a thorough assessment and your explicit consent.


We'll help you understand what would be most effective and work with your needs and requests; you can request one specific style for a concentrated region, like head/neck/shoulders, or experience many during a global, full-bodied session! 

When booking your appointment, please remember that initial appointments or new areas of concern consist of 15 minutes of wellness discussion and functional assessment, as well as continued on-going assessment throughout your subsequent treatment(s).

Our appointments are available in either 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute durations.


Decrease stress, improve circulation, BLISS OUT and enjoy the powerful benefits of positive touch.


Following postural assessment and identification of habitual postures, these elements include muscle balancing and release as well as specific homecare and helpful postural cues.


Either in conjunction with other elements or as a focused, intensive approach, assisted stretching can achieve deeper stretches and greater results than solo sessions.


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